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Sparta, TN 38583
Expert Electronics Repair
FREE ESTIMATES On Carry In Repairs! IN-HOME SERVICE In The Sparta And Cookeville Area Available At Limited Times.  Call And Ask!
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Hayes Electronics Home of The Best Television Repair Service In Sparta, Cookeville & Surrounding Area!
Hayes Electronics!
Absolutely the Best Available for Electronic Repair In Sparta, Cookeville And The Surrounding Area!

Big Screen, CRT, LCD and Plasma TV Repair.  Audio Video Repair.
Certified Intoxalock Installation.
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Expert In The Repair Of Sparta And Cookeville's
Big Screen, DLP, LCD, And Plasma Televisions!
Hayes Electronics Is The One-Stop Shop For All Of Your Home Electronics Repair Needs.
We provide in-home service on TV's 32" and up in White, Putnam, VanBuren, Warren, Cumberland, and DeKalb Counties.
Sparta, Cookeville, Smithville, McMinnville, Crossville, Doyle, Baxter, Silver Point, Monterey, Pleasant Hill, Rock Island, and Rickman.
We Service All Brands!
Shop Hours:
9AM-5PM, Mon., Tues., Thurs. and Friday
Wednesdays and Saturdays By Appointment
Closed On Sunday
Repairing Electronics In Sparta,  Cookeville And Surrounding Areas Since 1991!
Typical Questions
Is it worth the cost of repair?
Can I Fix It Myself?
By locating and replacing failed components on your existing PC boards we are often able to repair your television for a better price than other shops, who may have to replace whole expensive circuit boards to repair your tv!
Hayes Electronics does carry in repair and in home warranty service for Sparta, Cookeville, Smithville, Spencer, McMinnville, Crossville, Doyle, Baxter, Silver Point, Monterey, Rock Island, and Rickman.

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As a factory trained servicer, Hayes Electronics specializes in component level repair of your big screen, DLP, LCD, or plasma television!